World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) Declaration on the Rights of Deaf Children  

  • Article 1: All Deaf children, like all humans, are born free and equal in dignity and rights. 
  • Article 2: All Deaf children have a right to a sign language. National sign language(s) are the only fully accessible language for Deaf children from birth onwards.  
  • Article 3: the right of Deaf children to their national sign language(s) shall not be infringed. 
  • Article 4: All parents, carers and family members of Deaf children must be provided with free instruction in their national sign language(s). 
  • Article 5: All Deaf children have a right to quality, inclusive, multilingual education in their national sign language(s) and the national written language(s). 
  • Article 6: All Deaf children have a right to learn the linguistic identity and culture of the Deaf community. 
  • Article 7: All Deaf children have the right to protection from language deprivation. Not providing access to the national sign language(s) to all Deaf children constitutes discrimination. 
  • Article 8: All Deaf children have a right to fluent national sign language models, including teachers in education. 
  • Article 9: All Deaf children have a right to express their views on all matters affecting them. 
  • Article 10: All of the above declarations must be implemented for all Deaf children immediately and without delay. 
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