Deaf Awareness Workshops

What is it?

Do you want to learn more about the Deaf community, their culture and New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) with your colleagues?

Does your organisation or team want to be more inclusive of and accessible for Deaf people?

Our workshops provide insight into the Deaf World. Participants will gain knowledge and confidence in how to successfully include and communicate with Deaf people.

Organisations and businesses benefit from workplace diversity and from ensuring their accessibility. You may have Deaf employees now or in future, and learning practical ways to include Deaf people can have a positive impact on your organisation or business.

Our 1-hour virtual Deaf Awareness Workshop includes:

  • A brief history of New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL)
  • Deaf Culture and the Deaf Community
  • Communication strategies, including;
    • Making information accessible
    • Deaf-friendly environments
    • How to work with NZSL interpreters
    • Where you can go to learn NZSL
  • Opportunity for Q&A
  • And, wrapping up with a little ‘taste’ of NZSL!

A range of resources and handouts will be provided. Certificates acknowledging completion of this training are available upon request.

Courses are delivered by Deaf presenters using an interactive delivery style. iSign interpreters are included to facilitate effective communication.

Three students learning NZSL. One person is signing the word "Stand"
Three students in a classroom setting with a tutor in front of a laptop, and text written on the wall

Limited spaces available! Get in touch now to book your workshop!

Please note when you submit your booking request, it will be tentative until you accept or reject the quote you will receive.

**Groups with a minimum of 5 people to proceed**

We support organisations to develop their understanding of the Deaf community and NZSL. We aim to make Aotearoa a more accessible and inclusive place to be.

Young woman teaching another person a sign

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