Hearing Assistive Equipment Service Self-Assessment Form

Deaf Aotearoa is funded by Whaikaha – Ministry of Disabled People to assess needs and provide Hearing Assistive equipment to Deaf and Hard of hearing people that will enable them to live as independently and safely as possible.

This equipment includes Hearing Assistive equipment such as flashing or vibrating alarms and doorbells that can make life easier and safer for Deaf and hard-of-hearing people.

Our nationwide team of Hearing Assistive Technology (HAT) Assessors can work with you to identify what equipment best meets your needs, what funding you are eligible for, and support you to access it.

If you feel that deafness impacts upon your day-to-day life and you would benefit from some Hearing Assistive equipment, please complete and submit this self-assessment form.

If you need assistance with completing the form or have questions about our equipment service or any of the services Deaf Aotearoa provide please contact one of our Pathway Assessors at duty.assessor@deaf.org.nz or Free text 8223, or call 0800 33 23 22.

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