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Information about the school planning and reporting process

| With your voice and experience, you can help shape your school into a place where all children and young people can thrive.

Why is school planning and reporting important?

Schools need to work together with you, their community, to plan for the future. This allows everyone, including children and young people, parents, whānau, and the wider community, to establish goals for the school that reflect the needs of all learners and supports them to succeed. Your voice helps schools to make improvements to provide all learners with the best school experience.

What do schools have to do?

Schools need to create long-term and annual plans based on what they hear from you and what their data (such as achievement data) is telling them should be prioritised.

Through their plans, schools are required to ensure that:

» every learner at the school can achieve their highest educational standard
» the school is a physically and emotionally safe place, ensures students’ human rights are upheld and takes steps to eliminate racism, stigma, bullying and other forms of discrimination
» the school is inclusive of, and caters for, learners with different needs
» the school gives effect to the Treaty of Waitangi, by:
› including tikanga, mātauranga, and Te Ao Māori in their plans
› taking reasonable steps to teach about tikanga Māori and te reo Māori
› achieving equitable outcomes for Māori students.

What should I expect from my school?

You should expect your school to:
» want to talk to you about what’s working, what isn’t, and what is important for your child. This will help your school determine what their goals should be.
» make sure all learners and parents have copies of their plans that are written in a way that is easy to understand (these must be published online).
» report to you each year on how they are going, including the difference they are making to learners’ progress and wellbeing.

Where can I find out more?

Talk to your school to find out more about their planning processes. You can also find out more about what schools have to do for planning and reporting on the Ministry of Education website by scanning the QR code or visiting the website below.

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