Priority Assistance Support for the Hearing impaired

Support is available for customers who have difficulty hearing, are deaf or have a speech impairment.

We have a number of support services available if you or your loved one has a hearing difficulty or is deaf. Our priority assistance programme allows you to tell us what support you need and how we can make things a little bit easier. When you complete the online form, you can select from a variety of services.

The services we can offer are:

  • You can nominate a friend or relative to receive your bills on your behalf. We’ll set them up as your ‘nominee’ so they can help manage your account.
  • ​Our website chat function gives you direct access to our billing and faults teams. You can chat with them online about your account or any water outages in your community.
  • ​The Relay Assistant service allows an operator to act as a bridge between you and our team when communicating over the phone. Customers type their queries on a home terminal and the Relay Assistant will relay those queries to our team. The system gives you or your loved one the ability to communicate with our team over the phone.
  • You can choose to be notified of water outages in your area, and you can also select to have bottled water delivered to your home free of charge during outages. That way, you’re never without water.​

How do I register for priority assistance?

If you think we can make your life a little bit easier, simply click the button below which will take you to an online form. Complete the form and let us know which type of support you would like. Our team will then review your application and will be in touch to let you know if you’ve been accepted onto the programme.

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