CCDHB Hospital Resources

Capital and Coast DHB has developed some great NZSL resources about visiting the hospital for hospital staff and the Deaf community.

You can learn more about the resources below or visit the Capital and Coast DHB wesbite here to view the resources.

Capital and Coast, Hutt Valley and Wairarapa DHBs want to improve access for the deaf community to health services. This page has information that’s useful to know when going to hospital. If you want more information that’s not here, please let Capital and Coast DHB know. Also, the hospital wants your feedback whether it’s positive or negative. You can contact them by text or email, or they can arrange to meet face to face.

Capital and Coast DHB’s contact information is:

Videos about coming to hospital for the deaf community and about communicating with deaf people for staff:

For the deaf community: Coming to the hospital? Some useful information:

For DHB staff: Communicating with people from the Deaf community for better health outcomes:

Research about ‘Deaf communities access to health services’ published in the NZ Medical Journal (NZSL translation)

NZSL is the only language of many deaf people and the first and preferred language of others. It is also the basis for deaf culture. The New Zealand Medical Journal recently published an article on the experiences of deaf people with our health services. Read the article here. (If you don’t have a subscription, click the ‘Abstract’ tab to read a free summary. Following are a series of videos that translate the research in NZSL.

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