About the Assisted Dying Service

Overview information

November 2021

This information sheet provides an overview about the assisted dying service that is available in Aotearoa New Zealand from 7 November 2021.  

Assisted dying is a sensitive topic and may be difficult for some people. If reading this information raises some distressing feelings for you, please know there is support available. You can call or text 1737 for free to speak to a trained counsellor at any time. 

The term person is used in this information sheet to describe any individual who may request assisted dying. There are strict criteria for assisted dying. Not everyone with a terminal illness will be eligible. Assisted dying is one option for people at the end of their lives, it does not replace other end of life care.  

Assisted dying is an individual, and personal choice to consider and to make. The request for this service must be made by the individual, and they must make the choice to access assisted dying without pressure from anyone else.   

More information about the Assisted Dying Service is available on the Ministry of Health’s website.  

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