Push updates to mobile

You can subscribe to push notifications from the Deaf Aoteraoa website? When you visit on your mobile phone you may be prompted to receive notifications. Clicking ALLOW on the prompt will turn on notifications every time Deaf Aotearoa posts an update.

Note: This feature is only available on Android OS (Samsung, Oppo etc)

Enable Deaf Aotearoa Site Notifications

Follow these steps to enable the site notifications for Deaf Aoteraoa:

  1. Open Android Settings.
  1. Tap on Apps and Notification from the Settings.
  2. Choose and Open the Google Chrome app.
  3. Within Chrome App Info, tap on the Notification menu.
  1. Enable both Chrome & Sites to Show Notification.
  1. Under the Sites section, enable the checkbox for to receive the push notification.

Finally, you will be receiving notifications from Deaf Aotearoa. All other sites that you haven’t enabled the notifications will be blocked.

RSS Feeds

RSS is a way of providing content or summaries of web content in a simple format. The RSS feed is read via your browser, a desktop application or a smartphone application. You can subscribe to the Deaf Aotearoa RSS feed and receive updates everytime we post an update.

RSS Feed Readers


Feedly screenshot

Feedly is a popular RSS feed reader that lets you organize and read all your favorite blogs in one convenient place. There is an Android app and an iOS app.


Feeder screenshot

Feeder is an RSS feed reader that tracks your online sources and bundles them into easy to read groups.

Push notifications, advanced filtering options, and mobile device enhancements make reading content from all over the web easier than ever. This feed reader also comes as a Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge extension. There is also an Android app and an iOS app.


You can subscribe to RSS feeds through Microsoft Outlook:

Calendar Events

You can subscribe to Calendar events that are displayed on the website. You can’t edit calendars you are subscribed to (for example, the Holidays calendar).

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