Fact Sheet: Communication tips

You can converse with Deaf people, just like with hearing people A conversation with a Deaf person is the same as having a conversation with a hearing person – the difference is only the method used. Like hearing people, Deaf people are unique individuals with interesting qualities and skills. They … Read more

Fact Sheet: What is Deaf Culture?

Deaf people feel positive about being Deaf Deaf people see being Deaf as a difference. Being Deaf is a way of life. It is a dual identity of being Deaf and having a disability – because society disables them by not providing full access. The Deaf community is quite unique, … Read more

Fact Sheet: Deaf-friendly checklist

Making your organisation more Deaf-friendly This checklist will help you make your organisation more accessible for Deaf people in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Resources: Videos In your organisation, are corporate videos (e.g., training/recruiting and information videos) produced with captioning? Do they include NZSL translation? Think visual All of your promotional materials … Read more

Fact Sheet: How to book an interpreter

Ensuring accessibility for you and Deaf people Deaf people have the right to full and equal communication – the consequences of miscommunications can be very serious. Interpreters: Interpreters have completed university training and are qualified to do various job. They are bound by their Code of Ethics and Conduct, so … Read more

Fact Sheet: New Zealand Sign Language

Sign language is a combination of hand shapes, facial expressions and body movements Nearly every country has its own sign language, complete with a unique vocabulary and grammatical structure (the same as any language). New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) is the natural language of the Deaf community in Aotearoa New … Read more