New Zealand National Anthem

Come on and learn our national anthem in all three official New Zealand languages: New Zealand Sign Language, English and Te Reo Māori.

Deaf Aotearoa has created a video, in collaboration with native users of New Zealand Sign Language, Māori and English from throughout the country as well as sign language linguists from the New Zealand Deaf community.

The purpose of producing the video was to create a translation into New Zealand Sign Language that was true to the meaning behind the Māori and English lyrics.

The video is an ideal teaching resource, which will enable all New Zealanders to learn, access and enjoy our national anthem in all of New Zealand’s three official languages.


Thank you to the following people who contributed to the making of this resource: Alan Wendt, Brent Macpherson, Catherine Greenwood, Darryl Alexander, Hemi Hema, Janet Martin, Julie Coxhead, Liz Kay, Lynette Pivac, Michael Wi, Peter Coxhead, Rachel McKee, Rachel Noble, Renee Turipa, Richard Peri, Sonia Pivac and Steven Wilson.

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