Five Ways to Wellbeing – Keep learning, me ako tonu

Embrace new experiences – awhitia te wheako hou, see opportunities – kimihia ngā ara hou, surprise yourself – me ohorere koe i a koe anō.

Learning, remaining curious and setting goals are important for everyone at every stage of life. It helps children’s brains to grow healthy and strong, helps them to learn social skills and community values. A love of learning as a child can prevent depression in later years.

For adults, learning helps us to set and achieve goals which is strongly connected to higher levels of wellbeing. We thrive when these goals are chosen by us, have a positive focus and align with our values. Learning is more than just formal education. It’s about being curious about the world around us and learning from our environment, other people and the resources we can access.

Try something new or rediscover an old interest. Sign up for a course or take on a different responsibility at work. Learn to play an instrument or how to cook your favourite food. Set a challenge you will enjoy achieving – seek out new experiences and dare yourself!

  • Learn something you don’t know about your hometown or local area – check out local history societies, books, plaques or talk to your neighbours.
  • Write a bucket list – then try something you have always wanted to do but never actually done!
  • Start learning a musical instrument. 
  • Learn a new skill – it could be anything from learning how to change a tyre to how to care for pot plants.
  • Talk to children about what they’re learning about at school – kids love sharing what they’ve learnt and you’ll learn something new.
  • Find and try out a new recipe .
  • Try to identify one new plant a week – can you learn its name in English and Māori?
  • Discover the name of the iwi, hapu, maunga and awa of the place you live.
  • Memorise a new word every week. Practice using it among friends and family.
  • Learn another language. E korero ki a koe Māori? Parlez-vous francais? Talar pu islensku?
  • Put your hand up for a new challenge/training in your workplace to broaden your knowledge.
  • Pass on any of the latest research you find that relates to your profession or sector.
  • Make a list and try to read one new thing a month – you might like to borrow the books from your local public library.
  • Learn about te maramataka – the Māori lunar calendar, and how Māori use it to guide their daily lives.
  • Learn the local myths and legends from your area
  • Start doing quizzes – online or with a group of friends. You’ll be surprised at how much general knowledge you pick up!
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