Annual Report 2021-2022 – iSign

iSign Over the past year, COVID disruptions have provided extra challenges with staff, interpreters, and Deaf community members all unavailable for periods as the impact of the virus continued. We really appreciated that the Deaf community understood that just as supermarkets were out of stock of products due to COVID, … Read more

Annual Report 2021-2022 – Information & Resources and Translation

Information & Resources and Translation Our Translation service is going from strength to strength. As the Disabled peoples Organisation (DPO) we are involved in the All of Government Alternate Formats group. This work involves us providing advice and guidance to government agencies and departments. Over the past year we have … Read more

Annual Report 2021-2022 – Employment Success

Employment Success Rob at MÓN, a local bakehouse in Hawkes Bay, was looking for staff to fill a few positions. Our team worked with Rob to connect with Deaf people looking for work. After an interview and a trial, Hamish and Nora were offered positions. Hamish was offered a cleaning … Read more

Annual Report 2021-2022 – Adult Community Education

Adult Community Education We continue to provide community education courses throughout Aotearoa. Courses are arranged to meet the local needs of the Deaf community, as well as online courses that are available to Deaf throughout the country. Adult community education is an opportunity for us to gather and learn in … Read more

Annual Report 2021-2022 – Adults & Seniors

Adults & Seniors Deaf Aotearoa services works from a whole-of-life approach. Our Adults & Seniors service is person-centric and supports a Deaf individual’s goals and aspirations while also supporting the wider Deaf community in general. The Adults & Seniors service is provided to the community by our team of Facilitators: … Read more

Annual Report 2021-2022 – Children & Youth

Children & Youth The Children & Youth service continues to grow and develop! Under the leadership of General Manager Bridget and Team Leader Natasha – the team has further developed the First Signs service and developed closer relationships with families of school aged children and Deaf youth. Deaf Aotearoa continues … Read more

Annual Report 2021-2022 – Chief Executive’s Report

Chief Executive’s Report Tēnā koutou katoa In the year just past, Deaf Aotearoa has enjoyed a period of steady growth and development. As always, the positive period of growth and development follows a great deal of hard work. Our people at all levels from governance to frontline staff have shown … Read more

Annual Report 2021-2022 – WFD Board Member: Victoria Manning

WFD Board Member: Victoria Manning The Deaf Aotearoa board nominated Victoria Manning to the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) Board in 2019. Victoria was successfully voted onto the WFD Board at the 2019 General Assembly and is serving a four year term, 2019 – 2023. The new WFD Board … Read more

Annual Report 2021-2022 – President’s Report

President’s Report Kia ora Koutou I am so pleased to be sharing Deaf Aotearoa’s Annual Report with you, as I am very proud of the success the boards and staff have had over the past year. I would like to acknowledge the wonderful support the Executive Board has provided me … Read more

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