Annual Report 2022-2023

Employment Success Story – Nicky Devereux

Nicky Devereux was referred to our employment service in Christchurch to find employment back in her hometown after living in Dunedin for 12 years.

A Deaf Aotearoa facilitator was assigned to support Nicky and helped her to apply for roles that took her outside her comfort zone, since her last job was over 10 years ago. She hadn’t worked in another area or organisation since. Through the pre-employment process we helped update her CV, discussed the job interview process and worked on building her confidence for employment success.

We ensured that equal access was available for communication through NZSL interpreters. Nicky secured 4 interviews within the first few months. She was unsuccessful initially.

We continued to promote our employment service to other potential employers and secured another interview for Nicky. Again, she was supported during the interview with a NZSL interpreter. A position was offered to Nicky and she started the following week.

We supported Nicky with the translation of the contract so she had a clear understanding of the job description. We also supported her employer, ensuring a smooth transition for Nicky into her new role.

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