Annual Report 2021-2022 – Information & Resources and Translation

Information & Resources and Translation

Our Translation service is going from strength to strength. As the Disabled peoples Organisation (DPO) we are involved in the All of Government Alternate Formats group. This work involves us providing advice and guidance to government agencies and departments. Over the past year we have continued to provide translations for Unite Against COVID website and official government messages regarding COVID. These translations were high priority as it was important that the community received the information in a timely manner via the government website as well as our main website and our social media platforms. We worked with the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) to develop 40 NZSL translations for the Get Ready Website.

The NZSL Information and Resources team are responsible for creating our website, social media and print content. We have created educational resources for families in the First Signs service. We have also created promotional fliers for the ACE Workshops which are advertised on the website with a NZSL video or as a printable flier that can be handed out or pinned to a noticeboard. The Deaf Aotearoa website continues to evolve. We have added notifications to the website so that mobile phone users are notified of new posts which are sent to over 1,000 subscribers. We have also added the ability for people to comment on posts. This provides our audience another way to interact with Deaf Aotearoa. You may have noticed that many of our images on the website are now animated short clips which adds life to our website and takes advantage of our beautiful language, New Zealand Sign Language, to tell the story.

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