Annual Report 2021-2022 – Employment Success

Employment Success

Rob at MÓN, a local bakehouse in Hawkes Bay, was looking for staff to fill a few positions. Our team worked with Rob to connect with Deaf people looking for work. After an interview and a trial, Hamish and Nora were offered positions. Hamish was offered a cleaning position and Nora a Bakery Assistant role. A Facilitator from Deaf Aotearoa supported Hamish and Nora through the process.

Within our Adults & Seniors service we are able to support Deaf people into employment. Often employers require support to enable them to communicate with clarity with their new Deaf staff members.

In the bakehouse we supported the employer to create a visual checklist that Hamish was able to use to complete the tasks required. Both Hamish and Nora have worked at MÓN for over 1 year now.

The lockdowns in 2021 were an issue for many in Aotearoa, however our team of facilitators were able to stay in contact with the bakehouse, Hamish and Nora to ensure everyone was aware of any changes to the COVID traffic light system. When staff were able to return to work, we carried out regular visits to check in and support the team with communication when required.

In February 2022, the bakehouse was looking for more staff for the school lunch team, they contacted Deaf Aotearoa and asked if there were any other Deaf people in the area, looking for work. We were able to connect Mereana with the bakehouse and she was offered a position!

Hamish, Nora and Mereana are valued members of the bakehouse team.