Annual Report 2021-2022 – Deaf Aotearoa Holdings Ltd Chairperson’s Report

Deaf Aotearoa Holdings Ltd Chairperson’s Report

It has been one year since I started my position as a Director of Deaf Aotearoa Holdings Limited (DAHL), to replace David McKee who stepped down at the last AGM in November 2021. I would like to say a special thank you to David for his support at the beginning to ensure I had a good start on the Board. Earlier this year, the Executive Board invited me to become the Chairperson which I accepted. I am grateful for all the support I have received from the DAHL Board, Executive Board, and Management team. We saw how hard-working the Deaf Aotearoa team is, delivering their services to service users and Deaf community through another challenging year navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. The team has shown their commitment and motivation to find ways to grow and improve their services.

Deaf Aotearoa has a strong collaboration with key stakeholders such as the Government, and we have been very fortunate to receive extra funding for First Signs from the Ministry of Education. We would like to acknowledge everyone involved in the organisation and their work so far. It is a celebration that Deaf Aotearoa was recognised in Diversity Works NZ Awards 2022; a winner for Diverse Talent Award and also a finalist for Impact Award. Congratulations to all!

The DAHL Board looks after the business side of Deaf Aotearoa, monitoring and safeguarding the financial viability and sustainability of the organisation.

Deaf Aotearoa CEO, Lachlan Keating, reports to DAHL on the organisation’s progress in many areas; services delivery, projects progresses, fundraising and finance, health and safety, and policies. This ensures that we are informed and we focus on the long term stability of the organisation and also to continue to make improvements to maintain its relevance to our society. I would like to acknowledge other directors on the DAHL Board; Michael Allen, Gail Stevens, Kevin O’Neill, and two representatives from the Executive Board; Craig Findsen and Joanne Klaver, for sharing their knowledge and time they spend overseeing DAHL. We farewelled Michael Allen who resigned from DAHL Board in late June to free up his time to focus on his family. It was wonderful to have Michael on DAHL as his expertise and support was highly valued by us. In the 2021/22 financial year, Deaf Aotearoa has returned an operating surplus of $431,549.

Thank you to Chief Executive, Lachlan Keating, for the high standard of management and leadership of this organisation, its services and staff. We would like to acknowledge and congratulate his ten year anniversary as a CEO of Deaf Aotearoa. DAHL reports to the Executive Board, who leads the organisation’s strategy and performance. I would like to thank the Executive Board; Joanne Klaver, Anton Sammons, Craig Findsen, Jasmin Taylor and recently co-opted, Emmie Bensley, for their commitment to Deaf Aotearoa. These people have put in many hours contributing to support DAHL
to improve and grow from a strategic and advocacy perspective. We look forward to another constructive year to continue to improve the organisation’s advocacy and services, and to maintain the financial viability and sustainability of the Deaf Aotearoa.

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