Annual Report 2020-2021

EVAN’S STORY – Life Changing

Harnessing the full potential of Deaf people is at the core of what we do at Deaf Aotearoa. Through our Employment service, we work alongside individuals to identify their career goals and develop plans to achieve them, with support into sustainable employment and enhancing employer confidence.

Evan came to Deaf Aotearoa for support with finding work as he was facing difficulties living week to week. Evan’s last stable work was almost 10 years ago. He had previously worked in packhouses but he finds this work unsuitable now and wanted to find his way into a better financial position. With no access to a computer or internet at home, updating his CV was already a challenge and he needed extensive support with looking and applying for jobs online.

One of our Facilitators met with Evan weekly to better understand his needs, goals and how the team could support him in his process of finding employment. Evan has experience using garden power tools, and expressed interest in applying for jobs that involved lawn mowing and gardening. The Facilitator kept in regular contact with him via text and videocalls to support his job search.

A promising opportunity popped up – a busy small local business Express Lawn Mowing was looking for someone to join their team. They held a meeting with Evan, the Facilitator and a NZSL Interpreter to discuss the opportunity. After a run through of the role and better understanding of how communication would work on the job, Evan was successfully offered a job on the spot. He started work the following week.

Evan’s employer is impressed with his work ethic and says Evan is proving to be a great asset to his business.

“Evan has fitted in with me well and knows the customers and procedures so we move along quite smoothly and effectively. I have picked up signs for a few words so we get by pretty well for what we need to do. I think things suit both of us well.”

The reliable work and income have been life changing for Evan. He is pleased to now be able to live more comfortably financially, and he is even planning to buy his own gardening power tools to maintain his own lawns.

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