Annual Report 2020-2021

Deaf Aotearoa Holdings Ltd Chairperson’s Report

Kia ora,

Firstly, wow, congratulations to everyone in the Deaf Aotearoa team. We know it has been yet another difficult year navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic. The team’s resilience has seen the organisation continue to effectively provide services to the Deaf community, collaborate with key stakeholders such as the Government, and iSign has continued to successfully provide access to NZSL interpreters. Our full-hearted thanks extend to Chief Executive, Lachlan Keating, for his continued successful management of this organisation, its services and people.

The Deaf Aotearoa Holdings Limited Board (DAHL) looks after the business interests of Deaf Aotearoa, safeguarding the financial viability and sustainability of the organisation. This work ensures that we can continue to successfully provide and develop services to benefit the Deaf community. In the 2020/21 financial year, Deaf Aotearoa has returned an operating surplus of over $300,000. We are in the black and not the red – as with previous years Deaf Aotearoa has managed its finances well.

DAHL reports to the Executive Board, who leads the organisation’s strategy and performance, and appoints the members of the DAHL Board. I would like to acknowledge my fellow directors on the DAHL Board for sharing their expertise, from marketing and communication to fundraising and finance, and for the significant time they
spend overseeing DAHL.

I would also like to thank Oliver Ferguson, Sam Te Maari, Craig Findsen and Joanne Klaver, current and previous members and representatives of the Deaf Aotearoa Executive Board. These dedicated individuals have put in many hours contributing to the work of the DAHL Board. The team’s support and collaboration has been
excellent and appreciated.

Finally, after a great five and a half year journey I am stepping down from the DAHL Board. This is my last report as Chair and it is time to make way for a new person. I wish everyone well, and keep up the hard work and commitment in strengthening and developing the Deaf community and Deaf Aotearoa.

David McKee
Chair, DAHL Board of Directors

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