Nelson Classic Car Museum visit

Nelson Classic Car Museum 1 Cadillac Way, Annesbrook,, Nelson

Tour of the classic car musuem, learn about the old cars, the history of car manufactoring in Nelson and view the mechanics workshop. Refreshment will provide tea, coffee, and nibbles.


Sugar Art

Stoke Indoor Bowling Club 206 Songer Street, Nelson & Bays

Sugar Art workshop run by an experienced cake decorator. Learn how to make a rose using icing. Refreshment will provide tea, coffee, nibbles.


Christmas Card making

Hearing Nelson 354 Trafalgar Square, Nelson

Learn how to make Christmas cards. This workshop teaches you how to make three different styles of cards to give to friends and family for Christmas. The tutors will discuss opportunites in Nelson for selling Christmas cards and share their experiences at local markets. Refreshment will provide tea, coffee, and ...

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