NZSL Course

Interested in learning vocabulary and grammar specific to your workplace to make everyday communication easier?

Our NZSL programmes are inidividually designed to provide your business with an understanding of specific New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) vocabulary that will increase your ability to effectively communicate with existing and potential Deaf clients/customers.

Managers and staff will learn words and phrases they use regularly in their workplace, which they can then quickly apply in a practical setting when assisting Deaf customers/clients.

It is an ideal extension to the Deaf Awareness Course programme.

The programme

  • Is usually run over six consecutive weeks in two hour sessions.
  • Conducted fully in NZSL without interpreters.
  • Identifies potential barriers and provides solutions to resolve any foreseeable issues.
  • Provides necessary NZSL skills to establish a more accessible, Deaf-friendly service and environment.
  • Is customized to your workplace.

A typical course

A typical course will include some or all of the following topics:-

  • Introductions.
  • Identifying your customer/client/patients needs.
  • Communicating in ways to meet these needs.
  • Paying for services/goods.
  • Referral to other agencies or providing ongoing services.
  • Creating a Deaf friendly environment.

Create a course for your workplace!

Deaf Aotearoa staff will work closely with you to determine the vocabulary and grammar your staff require to enable effective communication between your staff and your Deaf customers.

Unlike community NZSL courses, we will create a learning course just for your business or organisation to specifically meet your needs and to give your staff the skills to be confident when communicating with a Deaf person.

How do I book a course?

Contact us and request an NZSL course.

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