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Minister Williams introduces the NZSL Act consultation – youtube

NZSL Act Consultation 2022

Date 3 weeks ago
Consultation on potential changes to the NZSL Act 2006. The New Zealand Sign Language Board fully endorses the review of the NZSL Act and recommended the review in its 2019…

Nelson Emergency notice.mp4 – vimeo

Nelson Region Emergency notice

Date 1 month ago
In the Nelson region, there has been plenty of rain which is making the situation dangerous. It is recommended that you stay home. If you can work from home then…


Acting CEO Announcement

Date 1 month ago
Kia ora Deaf community, want to let you know that Lara Draper will be Acting CEO from Wednesday 17th to Monday 29th August. This is because Lachlan Keating, Deaf Aotearoa…

Government’s Cost of Living payment

Date 2 months ago
Kia ora,Are you aware about the Government’s $350 payment? This is for helping out with living costs. Cost of living means prices have gone up. For example, petrol, food, rent/mortgage….
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