Event Series Roald Dahl’s The Twits NZSL Interpreted

Roald Dahl’s The Twits NZSL Interpreted

The PumpHouse Theatre, Takapuna 2a Manurere Avenue, Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand

A witty, twitty Roald Dahl creation Roald Dahl continues to delight readers of all ages, and now Tim Bray Theatre company brings this iconic story to you live on stage! This show is called The Twits. It’s based on the book called The Twits by Roald Dahl. Mr and Mrs Twit ... Read more


Healthy cooking on a budget

Auckland Deaf Society 16 Hillsborough Road, Hillsborough, Auckland, New Zealand

Would you like to discover how to prepare heart-healthy meals that are also budget-friendly? Join our workshop! You'll gain knowledge about: Easy, nutritious, and cost-effective recipes How to read food labels to understand what’s in them Tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle LIMITED SPACES - 10 PEOPLE MAX.


Mental Health Resilience Talk

MainPower Stadium Indoor Centre 289 Coldstream Road, Rangiora, New Zealand

Our world is changing and having an impact on many. Lance will speak about those effects and how to cope from what the latest research and neuroscience reveals. He will cover topics on; why it is that many people are feeling overwhelmed, changing emotions, having unwanted thoughts & feelings, and ... Read more

TVNZ Live Second and Final Debate with NZSL

TVNZ will host five live election debates during the election campaign, all live streamed on 1News.co.nz. The first live Leaders' Debate will take place between Chris Hipkins and Christopher Luxon on September 19 at 7pm on TVNZ 1 and TVNZ+. It will be moderated by Political Editor Jessica Mutch McKay and will ... Read more

Home maintenace (Bunnings) -Cook book holder

Bunnings - Shirley 199 Marshland Road, Shirley, Christchurch

Learn how to make a cook book holder with a presentator & an interpreter will be there. Be good for yourself or a gift to someone. LIMITED SPACES - 6 PEOPLE MAX.

Event Series Access Centre – Rotorua

Access Centre – Rotorua

Rotorua Library 1127 Haupapa Street,, Rotorua

Demonstration Day Worried about hearing smoke alarm? Can't hear the doorbell? Can’t hear the alarm clock to wake up and get to work on time? Deaf Aotearoa will give a presentation and demonstration on Deaf Specialised Equipment. We will show a variety of equipment, like flashing or vibrating alarms and ... Read more

Te Reo Language – Maori Bag

Kamo High School Wilkinson Avenue, Whangarei

Learn how to prepare and make Tote bags by using pattern,materials and own creation. will use sewing machine each Bring your own lunch/ tea and coffee provide with biscuits.



Deaf Society of Canterbury 80 Fitzgerald Ave, Christchurch, New Zealand

Who are we? What are our stories? What is "Deafhood"and how does it relate to us? What is "audism"? Why does it matter? You will be exploring these with Alana Best. She is Deaf and use NZSL