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1. Managed Isolation Welcome Pack

Date 10 months ago
New Zealand currently has nearly eliminated COVID-19. As such, people can travel freely within New Zealand. However, to keep New Zealand safe, everyone who travels to New Zealand are legally…

Impact of the vaccine on our borders

Date 11 months ago
It’s too soon to understand how the availability of vaccines in New Zealand and internationally will influence any changes to our border controls. Researchers are working to confirm whether a vaccinated person…

COVID-19 vaccination programme

Date 11 months ago
The Ministry of Health is developing a plan to make sure that vaccines are distributed fairly.   Those more at risk from COVID-19 including such as border workers, health workers, Māori, Pacific…

COVID-19 Vaccines

Date 11 months ago
Safe and effective vaccines are an essential part of how we protect New Zealand and our Pacific neighbours from COVID-19. Vaccines will also be important to our economic recovery and…

Make Summer unstoppable

Date 11 months ago
Aotearoa – let’s make our summer unstoppable! This year, more than ever, we’re hanging out for our summer holidays. We all want an uninterrupted summer – uninterrupted by the weather…

School Holidays

Date 12 months ago
Make your holiday unstoppable! Keep doing the 4 Golden Rules to stop COVID-19 Wash your hands Cough or sneeze into your elbow Keep track of where you go, either using…

Back to School

Date 12 months ago
It’s safe go to school! We know that COVID-19 made it a strange last year with not being able to go to school and see your mates for some of…

The 4 Golden Rules

Date 12 months ago
Wash your hands Cough or sneeze into your elbow Keep track of where you go, either using the COVID Tracer app with your Bluetooth turned on or with a COVID-19…

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