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Skype: COVID-19.deafaotearoa

When: Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm


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Life at Red

Date 4 weeks ago
At Red, we need to take action to protect our vulnerable communities and our health system from COVID-19.   About Red There are restrictions on where we can go at Red. But…

Life at Orange

Date 4 weeks ago
At Orange, there is community transmission of COVID-19. There are increasing risks to vulnerable communities and pressure on the health system.  About Orange At Orange, you can continue to do everyday activities and can travel across the…

3rd Primary Dose for Immunocompromised People

Date 4 weeks ago
Access to the 3rd Primary Dose for immunocompromised people This outlines how an eligible person will access a 3rd primary dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.  There are Four key components…

Medical Exemption in NZSL

Date 1 month ago
Temporary medical exemption process  In rare medical situations, some people may be able to apply for a temporary medical exemption from being vaccinated against COVID-19. This will allow them to…

My Vaccine Pass

Date 2 months ago
My Vaccine Pass is the official New Zealand Government vaccination certificate showing your COVID-19 vaccination status for use in Aotearoa New Zealand.   It provides proof you are either fully vaccinated or have a medical exemption for vaccination.  …

My International Travel

Date 2 months ago
If you are travelling overseas soon there are two ways you can get your International Travel Vaccine Certificate:  Online If you have already signed up for you can log in and order your Certificate…

My COVID Record

Date 2 months ago
My COVID Record allows you to   check your vaccination record is accurate and up to date request an official record of your COVID-19 vaccination status – the My Vaccine Pass for use in Aotearoa New Zealand, or…

Updates from Deaf Aotearoa

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Update 7th September

Date 4 months ago
Yesterday the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, gave an update about whether regions in New Zealand will see changes to the Alert Levels. The Auckland region will continue at…

27th August update

Date 5 months ago
Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minster, announced that Auckland and Northland probably will remain at Alert Level 4 for two more weeks. This is yet to be confirmed. This will…
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