Rachel Hargreaves – Staff Spotlight August 2023

😀 Staff Spotlight 👋 Kia ora to Rachel Hargreaves! TRANSCRIPT: Hi! My name is Rachel. My role at Deaf Aotearoa is Policy & Advocacy Manager, and my office is at the national office in Wellington. I started working here on 1st July last year, working 34 hours weekly. On Wednesday … Read more

Debra Jamieson – Staff Spotlight June 2023

😀 Staff Spotlight 👋 Kia ora to Debra Jamieson! TRANSCRIPT: Hi! I’m Debra. I’m based at Deaf Aotearoa’s Christchurch office, and I’m a Children & Youth Services Facilitator. I’ve been working here for almost 8 years! I really love my job! What do I do? I travel – fly to … Read more

Rodney Simchowitz – Staff Spotlight April 2023

😀 Staff Spotlight 👋 Kia ora to Rodney Simchowitz! TRANSCRIPT: Hey, my name is Rodney. I work in South Auckland office as First Signs Facilitator. I work with families and children ages 0-5, and youth as well! I’ve been working at Deaf Aotearoa for 3 years. Whew, time flew by … Read more

Michelle Sinclair – Staff Spotlight March 2023

😀 Staff Spotlight 👋 Kia ora to Michelle Sinclair! TRANSCRIPT: Hi! My name is Michelle, I’m here at Deaf Aotearoa’s office in Dunedin. It’s a beautiful morning. Dunedin is always warm in the winter! (haha). I have been working here for 12 years, that’s a long time! At first, I … Read more

Becky Hadfield – Staff Spotlight February 2023

😀 Staff Spotlight 👋 Kia ora to Becky Hadfield! TRANSCRIPT: My name is Becky Hadfield and I’m a General Manager of Organisation Development. In my role, I look for opportunities to improve services, staff wellbeing, internal systems and quality checks. I am based in Nelson, our office is in Stoke. … Read more

James Anderson-Pole – Staff Spotlight January 2023

😀 Staff Spotlight 👋 A warm welcome to James Anderson-Pole! TRANSCRIPT: Kia ora! My name is James. My role is Translation Team Leader, based here in Avondale office in Auckland. Before this role, I was a teacher for around 7 years, teaching deaf children. Before that a long time ago, … Read more

Joyce Stokell – Staff Spotlight September 2022

😀 Staff Spotlight 👋 it’s Joyce Stokell! You may know Joyce! She has been working for Deaf Aotearoa for 16 years, in a variety of roles. She started part-time as a Programme Coordinator setting up ACE workshops, then became a Community Relations Officer working at the front reception of Deaf … Read more

Miiria Storey – Staff Spotlight August 2022

😀 Staff Spotlight 👋 it’s Miiria Storey! Miiria is Māori Deaf. She works for Deaf Aotearoa in Hamilton, for the Waikato region. She has worked for the organisation for 16 years! Miiria first started working for Deaf Aotearoa part-time in 2006 as Programme Coordinator, delivering ACE workshops. She then got … Read more

Lee Bullivant – Staff Spotlight June 2022

😀 Staff Spotlight 👋 it’s Lee Bullivant! Lee started working for Deaf Aotearoa about 15 years ago as Facilitator in Employment, Hauora, First Signs and Duty assessor in Hawke’s Bay office. Now his role has changed to Hauora and Duty assessor as Hawke’s Bay office has extra staff to do … Read more

Richard Peri – Staff Spotlight (KO WAI PEPEHA) September 2021

Staff Spotlight: Richard Peri is the Māori Deaf Development Officer at Deaf Aotearoa. Richard was born in Gisborne and has three brothers and 4 sisters. His family spoke te reo Māori and English at home. At the age of about three he became Deaf from German Measles. He went to … Read more