Terms of Reference on the Constitution Committee for Deaf Aotearoa

Tena Koutou, my name is Jasmin Taylor, and I am on Deaf Aotearoa Executive Board. This video is about Terms of Reference on the Constitution Committee for Deaf Aotearoa. Purpose of Constitution Committe is to review both DANZ Inc Constitution, and DAHL Constitution. Make sure both constitutions are aligned and consistent. Also … Read more

Key messages from Executive Board

AGM information will be released soon, and we want you to make sure your membership and contact details are up to date to ensure that you will receive them. Please check. https://www.deaf.org.nz/get-involved/membership/ We have 3 board members vacancy, If you are interested in nominating for DANZ executive board please email … Read more

Executive Board Update – April 2021

Kia ora, tena kotou As continuing the tradition for Presidents of Deaf Aotearoa, I will share the key messages after each Board meetings. Executive Board had a meeting on 27th/28th March in Wellington, 2 days, lots of discussion and actions. Last year AGM, President Oliver announced stepping down after next Board meeting. … Read more

Deaf Aotearoa congratulates Mark Berry on his success as WFDYS President

Deaf Aotearoa wishes to acknowledge the outstanding work of retiring World Federation of the Deaf Youth Section president Mark Berry. Mark served on the WFDYS from July 2015 and became president in 2017, before retiring on 27th March 2021. Mark previously served on Deaf Aotearoa’s Executive Board from 2011 to … Read more

Executive Board update about President hand-over

The Deaf Aotearoa Executive Board recently had a Board Meeting and there are some changes to the Executive Board. Oliver Ferguson has been the Deaf Aotearoa President for the past 5 years and a member of the Executive Board for 10 years, but he has decided that it is time … Read more

Draft Strategic Direction 2021 – 2030

Vision Deaf people have full access Mission Deaf Aotearoa is an advocate for positive change – Supporting the Deafhood journey of identity and culture. Values and Beliefs NZSL and Deaf culture are our mana People are at the centre of everything we do We communicate and collaborate with the Deaf community … Read more

Annual General Meeting 2020 Agenda

Annual General Meeting: 10.00am December 5th, 2020 Deaf Society of Canterbury, Christchurch Agenda Opening: Karakia Board introductions – Oliver Ferguson, Deaf Aotearoa President Apologies Approve and accept previous minutes Annual Report Statement of Accounts and Auditor’s report Confirmation of auditor and solicitor Membership Levies Confirmation of Proxy Votes Remits Closure … Read more

Executive Board Update – 29th March 2020

Deaf Aotearoa’s Executive Board, CEO, Leadership Team and Staff are working hard, working long days and nights, working today, tomorrow and every day including weekends until the Covid-19 situation is under control. The Executive Board updated you yesterday, and there were some updates from some Facilitators as well. There will … Read more

Update from the Executive Board about Civil Defence Plan

We have been asked to release our “civil defence response plans” to Covid-19. The Memorandum of Understanding with Civil Defence ensures that Deaf Aotearoa is in regular contact with National Emergency Management Agency (formerly Ministry Civil Defence and Emergency Management). We want to clarify, there is no specific Civil Defence … Read more

Update from the Executive Board about COVID-19

Hi, I’m Craig Findsen, Executive Board member. How are you? Hope you are healthy, at home, working or doing DIY projects, or spending time with family. The EB will be updating you regularly during the Covid-19 situation. The EB want to make sure you all know about the work that … Read more

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