Key messages from WFD

TRANSCRIPT: Both: Kia Ora Craigo: I’m Craigo Anton: I’m Anton. This video is about hosting the next WFD Congress. Craigo, what was your role at the WFD Congress? C: My role as an OM, ordinary member.  There were two of us, Joanne and I, who went on behalf of New … Read more

May 2022 Executive Board key messages

Kia koutou katoa, NZSL Week – Congratulations and well done to all the staff who worked hard to make this year’s NZSL Week a success. Also congratulations to all the NZSL Award winners. Have a look at our website and social media posts for photos and videos of the NZSL … Read more

May Executive Board updates on Strategic Directions

Honour the Treaty of Waitangi by partnering with Māori Turi. Developed the Kōhanga Reo NZSL videos and launched in NZSL week (in 3 days the video has been shared 241 times and seen by over 14,000 people) Ongoing work to support Māori Advisory Group – regular meetings of Tāngata Turi … Read more

Key messages from Executive Board

AGM information will be released soon, and we want you to make sure your membership and contact details are up to date to ensure that you will receive them. Please check. We have 3 board members vacancy, If you are interested in nominating for DANZ executive board please email … Read more

Draft Strategic Direction 2021 – 2030

Vision Deaf people have full access Mission Deaf Aotearoa is an advocate for positive change – Supporting the Deafhood journey of identity and culture. Values and Beliefs NZSL and Deaf culture are our mana People are at the centre of everything we do We communicate and collaborate with the Deaf community … Read more