Nomination for Executive Board

The Deaf Aotearoa Executive Board are looking for four (4) new people to join the Executive Board. Needs to have experience in governance, for example, being involved with the local Deaf Club Board, Deaf Organisation committees, School Board of Trustees, etc. If you have experience, you should apply to the … Read more

Key messages from WFD

TRANSCRIPT: Both: Kia Ora Craigo: I’m Craigo Anton: I’m Anton. This video is about hosting the next WFD Congress. Craigo, what was your role at the WFD Congress? C: My role as an OM, ordinary member.  There were two of us, Joanne and I, who went on behalf of New … Read more

Clarification on Deaf Aotearoa’s position on the selection of UAE as the host country for the 2027 World Congress of the World Federation of the Deaf

Kia ora Aotearoa Deaf community.  We wanted to update you all and share of of the background of the voting process held yesterday. We had many people reaching out to us, thank you. Firstly, Deaf Aotearoa voted for Norway.  NZ delegates Joanne and Craig has opportunity in the break to discuss … Read more

Who will be going to Jeju, South Korea?

Check out this video to see who will be going to the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) Congress and the WFD Youth Section camp in Jeju, South Korea. More information about the WFD Congress can be found on their official website:

May 2023 Executive Board key messages

Kia ora koutou, Joanne President Deaf Aotearoa Executive Board Key messages Have some news coming soon about our WFD delegates. Keep an eye out for more updates.

Statement on NZSL Interpreting Qualification changes proposed by the NZSL Board – 1st May 2023

Deaf Aotearoa statement on NZSL Interpreting Qualification changes proposed by the NZSL Board Deaf Aotearoa is deeply concerned about the alternative interpreting qualification process proposed by the NZSL Board. This major policy change could potentially have a significant impact on the Deaf community and the interpreting workforce. The lack of … Read more

February 2023 DPO Coalition Key Messages

Select committee submission in December. The DPO Coalition presented to the select committee on the Accessibility for New Zealanders Bill in December. This provided an opportunity for Coalition members to expand on points raised in the submission. The Select Committee noted the robustness of the DPO Coalition’s submission where its … Read more

November and December 2022: Key Messages from DPO Coalition

Minister for Disability Issues. The DPO Coalition met with Hon Poto Williams, Minister for Disability Issues. The Coalition thanked the Minister for her proactive response to the concluding observations made by the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. They then discussed how to implement the recommendations … Read more

September 2022: 10 Key Messages from DPO Coalition

Office for Seniors. The DPO Coalition held a workshop with the Office for Seniors. They identified several common issues that affect both disabled people and people who are aging. They discussed the “Better Later Life” Action Plan, and some key actions including: The Office for Seniors will continue to provide … Read more