Disabled People’s Organisation (DPO) Coalition Position Description for DPO Coalition Secretariat

Title and Reporting Relationships Position Title: Secretariat – DPO Coalition Reports To: DPO Coalition Workflow Oversight: DPO Managers Position Location: Wellington Hours of Work: Contract – Part Time 60 hours per month (average 15 hours per week) Purpose of Position The Secretariat is responsible for contributing to achieving efficiencies for the DPO Coalition, … Read more

Nicki’s employment journey

Transcript: Victoria: Hello, my name is Victoria, Employment Facilitator at the Christchurch office. Would like to invite a special person here. What is your name? Nicki: My name is Nicki (sign name) Victoria: Would you like to explain to us your employment journey from start to end? Nicki: About last … Read more

Employment Service can supprt you

Our Employment service provides support for Deaf people who are looking for a part or full time job. We provide support with the following:- You can contact us if you are keen to look for a job. Contact the Duty Assessor team:-

Screenshot of NZSL Video: Female wearing dark clothing and denim jacket with arms raised

Job Opportunity in Auckland – Making lights

There is a new job opportunity in Auckland. This is a full time job from Mondays – Fridays, starting at 7:30am – 4:30pm. You will be working in a factory putting in together light fittings. Pay will be $23.80 an hour. If you are interested interested to apply or want … Read more


Do you want to find a job? Do you need support with cover letter, CV – can be update or new? How to apply a job and other details? Yes, the Adults & Seniors Service Facilitator can support you of these details! Please contact duty assessor for more information.

Lara’s announcement

Hello and kia ora! I’m Lara, First Signs team leader. I have an important and exciting announcement for you all! Deaf Aotearoa has been looking for a General Manager for Adult & Senior Services. We finally recruited one and it’s me! As you know, I have been one of First … Read more

Looking for work?

Are you looking for work next year? If you are considering a job next year, and you need support, contact the Deaf Aotearoa employment service now, before Christmas. It is important that we get everything ready and prepared before you can start looking for work. For an example, writing your … Read more

Thinking outside the box to get more Deaf New Zealanders into work

Michael Pulman – 27th May 2020 A willingness to think differently, finding new ways to upskill Deaf people, and supporting businesses is a key priority for the employment team at Deaf Aotearoa. For many businesses, hiring a Deaf employee often presents their very first interaction with a Deaf person and … Read more

One-off employment support

Did you know that Employment service can do one-off support at work? Maybe you’re working but will be redundant, going through restructure, having your hours reduced, needing a letter translated, or have any other concerns – big or small – we can support you! Contact us through Duty: Email: duty@deaf.org.nz … Read more