All of New Zealand is now at ORANGE. Most Deaf Aotearoa offices will be open to the community and public.
We are still providing services. Contact

What to do if you cannot wear a face mask

Find out how you can apply for a Communication Card if you are unable to wear a face mask.  About Communication Cards  We know face masks are unsuitable for some people due to disabilities or health conditions.  It is not always obvious why a face mask may be unsuitable for … Read more

What happens if you test positive for COVID-19? 

What to expect if you test positive for COVID-19. This includes getting your results, contact tracing, what you need to do, and support you will get.  Getting your results  Testing positive is nothing to be embarrassed about — it can happen to anyone. COVID-19 doesn’t care who it infects.   If … Read more

Exemption Mask Card

Hi, let you know we all require to wear masks when out of home. However if you’re approached with someone and they want to talk to you,  you can show them the Mask Exemption Card – state that you’ll remove the mask to communicate. You can contact Duty, or … Read more

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