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How to get a Rapid Antigen Test

Rapid Antigen Tests are available to members of the public for free if they develop symptoms or are household contacts of a case.  Requesting a Rapid Antigen Test  Rapid Antigen Tests are free for household contacts and people with COVID-19 symptoms.  You can order a Rapid Antigen Test in two … Read more

What happens if you test positive for COVID-19? 

What to expect if you test positive for COVID-19. This includes getting your results, contact tracing, what you need to do, and support you will get.  Getting your results  Testing positive is nothing to be embarrassed about — it can happen to anyone. COVID-19 doesn’t care who it infects.   If … Read more

How to report you Rapid Antigen Test results

You should report the results of your rapid antigen test (RAT) if you test positive or negative. You can do this online through My Covid Record or by calling the helpline.  Reporting results in My Covid Record  Anyone in New Zealand aged 12 or over can sign up for My … Read more

When you should get a test

You may need to get a test if you have cold, flu or COVID-19 symptoms, if you live with a confirmed case, if you’re travelling, or if mandatory testing applies to your job.  If you are unwell  If you have cold, flu or COVID-19 symptoms you should get a test. … Read more

COVID-19 Testing

Find out about getting tested, the different tests used in New Zealand, and where you can be tested.  Testing is free  Generally, everyone can get tested for free — you do not need to be a New Zealand citizen or resident, and you will not have to pay for care … Read more

How to use a Rapid Antigen Test 

Rapid Antigen Tests can be taken by yourself or under supervision.  Test instructions vary depending on the brand. Many rapid antigen testing kits generally follow the instructions below, but not all. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions.   Rapid Antigen Test results are usually available in 20 minutes.  Collecting a sample  Remove … Read more

Locations of Interest

When there’s a COVID-19 outbreak in the community, the Ministry of Health will update their website with locations where confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been, these are known as ‘Locations of interest’. You can find the website with the locations of interest here:  It’s important that you check if you were at a location of … Read more


You will be asked to self-isolate at home if: you have travelled overseas recently been in contact with someone who has recently travelled are a close contact of a person with confirmed COVID-19. You should minimise contact with others in your household while you wait for the test result. Others … Read more

What happens if my test comes back positive for COVID-19?

If you test positive for COVID-19, there are several steps you will need to take and instructions you will need to follow. A staff member from your local public health unit will talk you through each of these steps: Case interview Relocating to a quarantine facility if appropriate Receiving treatment … Read more

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