All of New Zealand is now at ORANGE. Most Deaf Aotearoa offices will be open to the community and public.
We are still providing services. Contact

Rules we ask you to follow to keep you and our communities safe

Stay in your room   You must stay in your room unless you have a medical appointment, you have booked a time for fresh air or smoking or there is an emergency, for example a fire or an earthquake.   You are only allowed to open the door for one of the reasons mentioned above or … Read more

What is provided in a Managed Isolation and Quarantine Facility?

Welcome pack  Everyone staying at a MIQ facility will be provided with a Welcome Pack that outlines important information while you are in Managed Isolation. This outlines what you may, and may not, do while in Managed Isolation and contains a range of information that you  may find useful.  Translations … Read more

Pack enough supplies to last you 14 days

We recommend you bring everything you need for daily life: Clothes — around at least a week’s worth. Each person can have 2 bags of laundry washed during their stay. Medication: Please carry with you any medication you need to have with you. Toiletries — for example, toothpaste and toothbrush, … Read more

Travel into MIQ

After you are notified by public health that you have tested positive for COVID-19 you must continue to remain at home in isolation and follow all the other protocols until arrangements are made to transfer you to a quarantine facility. While plans are being made for you to move into … Read more

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