Episode 4: Distancing

Practicing good distancing has been essential for us to stop the spread of Covid-19 in Aotearoa. Disabled people are amongst the most at risk from the virus, so we know that distancing is a critical part of keeping our community safe. However, it also comes with challenges for some disabled … Read more

Episode 3: Remote Work & Education

During the pandemic, many whānau needed to quickly adapt to new technology and ways of working and learning from home. The rapid shift to “remote” was challenging for a lot of New Zealanders, but our disabled community faced some unique barriers, and unique opportunities in working, learning, and parenting from … Read more

Episode 2: Food & Shopping

JOYCE: Hi! My name’s Joyce, and I’m d/Deaf. I was born d/Deaf, and I grew up in a d/Deaf family. I work for Deaf Aotearoa, and I’m a really strong participant in the d/Deaf community. Prior to the lockdown, when Jacinda Ardern was sharing information with the interpreter on the screen, it was … Read more

Episode 1: Food & Shopping

For many New Zealanders, when Covid-19 Alert Level 3 was announced, food shopping was a top priority. However, our disabled community discovered that safe and accessible shopping provided a number of challenges during the pandemic. In person shopping became a challenge for many disabled people in Aotearoa – for some, online shopping was a necessary and important solution, but for others, it was a reminder that even essential services could be completely inaccessible.

Play video for Prudence Walker and Jonathan Godfrey’s stories about food and shopping during Alert Levels 3 & 4 this year.

This video contains the following accessibility features: NZSL, Captions in English & te reo Māori; Audio Description.

The DPO Coalition acknowledges the contribution of all disability sector organisations to make sure that the wellbeing of, informational needs, and support for disabled people was monitored and improved upon throughout the impact of COVID-19.

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