All of New Zealand is now at ORANGE. Most Deaf Aotearoa offices will be open to the community and public.
We are still providing services. Contact

Life at Orange

At Orange, there will be community transmission of COVID-19, with increasing risks to vulnerable communities, and pressure on the health system.  About Orange  At Orange, there are some restrictions in place to protect our communities. You can continue to do everyday activities including:  Meeting with friends and family  Attending events … Read more

Wearing a face mask

Face masks are one way we can protect ourselves and others from COVID-19. You should wear a face mask whenever you can, and there are some places where you must wear one.  Face masks need to be secured to the face either by loops around the ears or ties around … Read more

Life at Orange

At Orange, there is community transmission of COVID-19. There are increasing risks to vulnerable communities and pressure on the health system.  About Orange At Orange, you can continue to do everyday activities and can travel across the country. You can go to work, school, gyms, church, restaurants, and many more places.  There are some restrictions on some activities to limit the spread … Read more

COVID-19 Protection Framework – Orange

At Orange, there will be increasing community transmission that is putting pressure on our health system. The whole health system will focus its resources but can continue to manage primary care, public health, and hospitals. There may also be an increased risk for at-risk people.  How we stay safe at Orange:  … Read more

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