iSign Announcement – Christmas & Holidays

The iSign office will close for Christmas on Thursday 23 December, 4:30pm, and reopen on Monday 10 January 2022, 8am. While the iSign office is closed, the Call Centre will look after all iSign bookings 24 hours a day from Thursday 23 December 4:30pm until Monday 10 January 2022, 8am. … Read more

Alan Wendt: The Interpreter

KŌRERO Alan Wendt: The Interpreter by Dale Husband | May 3, 2020 | 0  | 14 min read Alan Wendt, at the NZ Sign Language Awards, 2018. (Photo by Mark Tantrum/ For many years, the Wendt name has been widely known in Aotearoa and well beyond because of Albert Wendt, a novelist and poet who brought a … Read more