Kōrero with Jon

🌟 We are thrilled to introduce our brand new accessible vidcast series, starring the remarkable Jon Tai-Rakena! 🌟

Prepare for engaging discussions, empowering stories, and a wealth of insight as we delve into meaningful topics. 🚀

To celebrate New Zealand Sign Language Week 2024, we are launching: ‘Kōrero With Jon’ – This will be a series of videos where Jon will interview Deaf and hearing individuals who are connected in some way to the Deaf community. We hope you enjoy watching and learning about their experiences.

Upcoming events

2024 Access Centre – Whakatane

We can provide: Opportunity to have a chat and to meet other Deaf people. Free information and support services Advice Translation support (e.g. support with reading letters and forms etc. New ideas for ACE workshops Information about Deaf Aotearoa services Information about assistive equipment for Deaf/hard of hearing. presenters from ... Read more

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49 Kakahoroa Drive, Whakatane, 49 Kakahoroa Drive,
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Project Managment

The workshop is about project management. We invited Zoe Ferguson because she has some experiences and variety. Come and understanding how to manage the project! Refreshments will be provided.

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Johnsonville Community Centre, 3 Frankmoore Avenue, Johnsonville
Wellington, New Zealand
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General Health – Qigong and Self Massage

In the morning, we will learn Qigong, which is a part of traditional Chinese medicine. You will practice basic postures, joint rotation, and eight motions. The self-massage session will be in the afternoon. This workshop will cover hand and foot massages, including acupuncture points for diabetes and liver cleansing. Refreshments ... Read more

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Kamo High School, Wilkinson Avenue
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Farm to Plate

Do you know what Farm to Plate means? Take a Taste of the Farm tour through the kitchen gardens and learn what certain plants are for, watch a cooking demonstration, have a light lunch together, and take some great recipes home! Please wear flat comfortable shoes for the walking tour.

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https://www.goodfromscratch.co.nz/, Taiapa Road
Muriwai, 0881 New Zealand
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General Health

We have three workshops about general health coming up. Saturday, 15th June - Cancer - 9:30am - 2:30pmLearn about the different kinds of cancer, bowel cancer, bowel screening programme, gout and more. Saturday, 3rd August - Dementia and Every bite Part 1 - 9:30am - 2:30pmLearn how to communicate with ... Read more

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Hawkes Bay Deaf Club, 22 Lee Road, Taradale
Napier, New Zealand
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Understanding Apprenticeships

This workshop will be interesting for people already in a trade or wanting to start their career in a trade. Andrew Green, a BCITO representative, will speak at the workshop. Questions and answers to follow the presentation. Light refreshment will be provided.

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Johnsonville Community Centre, 3 Frankmoore Avenue, Johnsonville
Wellington, New Zealand
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What we do

Deaf Aotearoa is a national organisation representing the voice of Deaf people, and the national service provider for Deaf people in New Zealand.  

Deaf Aotearoa also works closely with Deaf communities, government agencies and other organisations to increase awareness, promote New Zealand Sign Language and strengthen the rights of Deaf people.

Deaf Aotearoa is one of 133 ordinary members of the World Federation of the Deaf and is also the New Zealand representative.   

Information in Sign Language

The government has stated that a new and innovative approach is needed to meaningfully improve accessibility in New Zealand.

Here you will find some of the work from Government Agencies and Government Ministries in NZSL, as part of their commitment to ensuring that Disabled people have access to vital information.

Latest NZSL Translations

Our Services

Deaf Aotearoa delivers flexible and responsive services which accommodates the Deaf community’s needs. We provide knowledge, information, resources and skills. With these, Deaf people are able to independently manage events in their own lives.

Deaf Aotearoa works with government agencies, businesses and other organisations to provide information and resources on life for Deaf New Zealanders, the Deaf community and NZSL.

Deaf Aotearoa delivers key services to the Deaf community, in line with the objectives defined in the Strategic Direction.

These services are designed to ensure Deaf people can achieve their goals at any stage in life, from birth onwards.


Adults and Seniors


Deaf Aotearoa’s Hauora* service is a nationwide service that understands and responds to Deaf and hard-of-hearing people’s needs.

The Hauora service offers:

  1. needs assessment and coordination
  2. applications for assistive equipment
  3. information and advice.

*Hauora is an holistic approach to health and wellbeing. It is a Māori concept that views wellbeing as a combination of physical health, emotional/mental health, being socially healthy, and being spiritually healthy.

Adults and Seniors


Deaf Aotearoa’s Employment service is a nationwide service focused on getting Deaf and hard-of-hearing people into successful employment.

It includes pre-employment support and in-work support for both the Deaf person and employers.

The Employment service offers support for:

  • Deaf and hard-of-hearing people to get a job
  • Deaf and hard-of-hearing people to remain in their job
  • employers to understand more about employing Deaf people, including information on Deaf culture and funding for New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) interpreters in the workplace.

Children and Youth

First Signs

A nationwide Deaf Aotearoa service for Deaf and hard-of-hearing children aged 0-5, supporting families and whānau with:

  • Learning New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL)
  • Language development
  • Learning about being Deaf/hard-of-hearing in Aotearoa
  • Connecting with other families and Deaf role models.

First Signs brings NZSL into the home and family/whānau environments, making learning NZSL fun.

iSign Interpreting Service

iSign enables access and participation for Deaf people by providing professional and confidential New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) interpreting services.

iSign is a nationwide service enabling effective communication between Deaf and hearing people.

iSign matches job requests with available and appropriate interpreters throughout New Zealand.

iSign contracts more than 80 qualified interpreters who are all members of their professional body, ensuring a confidential and professional service.

Funding is available to cover a wide range of interpreting service jobs.

iSign staff can advise on available sources of funding. Funding information is also available on the ‘How it Works/Who Pays?’ page of the iSign website.

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