Stephanie Āwheto

Deaf Aotearoa wish to honour Stephanie Āwheto after the news of her passing – Stephanie was a pioneering trilingual interpreter and advocate for the Turi Māori community.

This year, she was honoured with the prestigious Te Panekiretanga o te Reo Rotarota award, recognising her lifetime of service.

Stephanie’s lifelong dedication to bridging communication gaps between NZSL, te reo Māori, and English began with her work alongside the late Patrick Wikiriwhi Thompson.

She became Aotearoa New Zealand’s first trilingual interpreter and tirelessly supported Turi Māori, providing access to cultural ceremonies and significant national events.

Stephanie also mentored new interpreters, developed Māori sign concepts, and played a crucial role in the relationships between SLIANZ and Māori NZSL interpreters.

Her legacy will be remembered and honoured. Kua haere ia ki tōna moenga roa.

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