Emergency Mobile Alert – Nationalwide Test

The next nationwide test of the Emergency Mobile Alert system will be on Sunday 26th May 2024, between 6:00 – 7:00 PM.

About Emergency Mobile Alert

Emergency Mobile Alerts are messages about emergencies. They are sent by authorised emergency agencies to mobile phones.

Emergency Mobile Alerts keep people safe. They are broadcast to all capable phones from targeted cell towers to areas affected by serious hazards. You may not receive an alert if:

  • you are out of mobile coverage,
  • mobile phone towers are damaged, or
  • there is a power outage.

Our 2022 emergency preparedness survey showed that over 88% of people in New Zealand received the test or were with someone who did. In an emergency, if you receive an alert make sure you let the people around you know.

Emergency Mobile Alert is an extra channel to help keep you safe in an emergency. It does not replace other alerting systems or the need to take action after natural warnings.

You should still be prepared for an emergency, and you shouldn’t wait to get an alert before you act. If you feel your life is in danger, don’t wait for an official warning. Take immediate action. 

Information about the test happening on the 26th is in English on the NZSL page:


Info about the system (but not about the test on the 26th) is in NZSL here:


(This was very recently updated so is the most current info available from NEMA).

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