Share your story with The Royal Commission of Inquiry into COVID-19 Lessons Learned

It’s really important that we hear from people like you. Understanding your experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic will help to ensure Aotearoa New Zealand is as prepared as possible for future pandemics.

You can share your experiences by using our online survey, where you’ll be asked two broad questions:

Question 1: Looking back – what would you like the Inquiry to know about your experiences of the pandemic? 

Question 2: Moving forward – what lessons should we learn from your experiences so we can be as prepared as possible for a future pandemic?

It’s fine if you only answer one question if you feel you’ve covered all the points you want to make.

As part of your response to the questions, you are free to tell us about anything you think might be useful.

Thinking about the first question, you might like to share your views and experiences of public health measures, such as lockdowns or mandatory use of masks, through to the effects of the pandemic on you and your family, like loss of income for example.

For the second question, you might choose to focus on one or two things you experienced, and what we can learn from them – or you might describe a range of things that you, your whānau, or your community faced during the pandemic and, based on this, how we could be more prepared in the future. 

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