Tim Bray Theatre Company is committed to making theatre accessible to all.

Discount price access tickets are available to Deaf audience members for NZSL interpreted shows.

Banner for The Great Piractical Rumbustification. A play by Margaret Mahy, adapted for the stay by Tim Bray.

What We Offer

For NZSL interpreted performances a trained interpreter, situated on the side or centre of the stage, interprets the dialogue during the performance using New Zealand Sign Language. The actors perform in spoken English while the interpreter performs a translation of the songs and dialogue.

NZSL interpretation allows the whole audience, both Deaf and hearing, to enjoy the show in their preferred language. The Tim Bray Theatre Company was the first theatre company in New Zealand to offer NZSL interpreted performance, and we have welcomed Deaf children and their families to enjoy the magic of theatre since 2004.

We also offer an NZSL interpreted Deaf Stage Experience at no additional cost for some shows and usually for Deaf school groups. Before, or after the show, Deaf children and their teachers and caregivers are invited to meet the actors, ask questions, or join us on stage to explore the props, set, costumes, instruments, and more.

2024 NZSL Shows

To book the Deaf Stage Experience, please email info@timbray.org.nz or call 09 486 2261 using NZ Relay

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The Great Piratical Rumbustification

The PumpHouse Theatre, Takapuna:

Due Drop Events Centre, Manukau

Five Go on an Adventure

The PumpHouse Theatre, Takapuna:

Mrs Wishy-Washy

The PumpHouse Theatre, Takapuna:

Due Drop Events Centre, Manukau

The Santa Claus Show ’24

The PumpHouse Theatre, Takapuna:

* + Deaf Stage Experience after show

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