Nomination for Executive Board

The Deaf Aotearoa Executive Board are looking for four (4) new people to join the Executive Board. Needs to have experience in governance, for example, being involved with the local Deaf Club Board, Deaf Organisation committees, School Board of Trustees, etc. If you have experience, you should apply to the Deaf Aotearoa Executive Board.

Board Member’s Role

Focus on the overall strategic direction and the long-term success of Deaf Aotearoa

Support the Chief Executive (CE) to achieve the organisation’s goals

Represent the members collectively and act as advocates for Deaf issues.

Oversee the finances and review and approve the budget

Responsibilities and Duties


  • Read all Board reports and minutes and prepare fully for meetings
  • Prepare reports of any portfolios they carry and present this at least 10 working days before EB meeting
  • Monitor the budget and financial accounts of Deaf Aotearoa New Zealand Inc.
  • Action any work delegated to them
  • Actively participate in Board meeting discussions and decision making
  • Act and make decisions collectively
  • Publicly support all Executive Board decisions and the organisation’s activities
  • Represent the Executive Board at Deaf community events
  • Follow Board process and policies


Represent Deaf Aotearoa’s members on the Executive Board

Contact the President or Board Secretary with any questions or concerns

Be involved in hiring and evaluating the CE as agreed from time to time

Provide reports to the President and EB on their work as EB members


The President can delegate specific duties and tasks to Board members. If there is a problem with the task then the President is still responsible.

Board members can delegate tasks within working groups or sub-committees. Again, the president is still responsible.

Knowledge and Skills

Well informed about current issues for the Deaf Community

Good working knowledge of the Deaf Aotearoa Constitution and policies of the organisation including financial and legal situations

Understand the need for confidentiality and respects everyone else on the Board and the CE and staff

Effective communicator

Specialist knowledge and the ability to take on portfolio/ sub-committee roles.

Represent the EB at community meetings about the work of EB and Deaf Aotearoa


An Executive Board member is elected by Deaf Aotearoa New Zealand Inc. Members for a term of three years.

The expected time commitment will vary but is normally four 1-2-day meetings a year, a training weekend and 2 hours preparation a month. This may increase if involved in sub-committee group/carry portfolio.

EB members must understand the amount of time and energy needed to do the job effectively


DANZ-EB-Nomination-form (113 downloads )

Executive-Board-Member-Job-Description (106 downloads )

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