Office of the Privacy Commissioner | Children and Young People’s Privacy project

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner has launched a children and young people’s privacy project. This will ultimately consider whether the current laws and regulations protecting children’s privacy rights are working, today and in the future. All young people and children can expect that their information (things like their name, address, age, photos, videos, and whakapapa) is respected and looked after.

There are some unique challenges and opportunities that relate to the privacy of children and young people as they interact with health and education services and the online world.

We are currently only wanting to hear the thoughts and feelings of professionals who work with children (teachers, doctors, nurses, etc), and non-governmental organisations who advocate for children and young people. We are looking to hear about what it’s like to use the current privacy rules and regulations in your work, and/or what your concerns are about the current setup.

We’d like to hear what you think about children’s and young people’s privacy. We would like to hear your views by 15 December 2023.

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