Voting is now open

Early voting is now open: You can vote in New Zealand without needing a voting card. Simply visit your voting place, provide your name and information, and they will assist you in the voting process.

Influence on Government: Your vote helps determine the government in New Zealand, which can have a direct impact on policies related to various issues, such as healthcare and education.

Choosing a Political Party: To select the right political party that aligns with your priorities, it’s important to understand each party’s goals and policies. Some parties may focus on reducing healthcare costs, while others may prioritize education reforms.

Tools for Decision-Making: If you’re unsure which political party matches your preferences, there are tools available that ask you questions in English to gauge your support or opposition to specific policies. Based on your responses, these tools can recommend a political party that aligns with your views.

Disability Issues Scorecard: CCS Disability Action in collaboration with the Disabled Persons Assembly (DPA), has asked political parties questions related to disability issues. You can read their responses to help inform your decision, especially if disability-related policies are important to you.

Leaders Debate with NZSL Interpreter: There will be a debate tonight at 7 pm with a New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) interpreter available. You can watch it on Channel 200, which provides full-size NZSL interpretation. If you can’t access it via TV, you can also watch it online by searching for “CH200 NZ” and clicking on “WATCH LIVE.”

These resources and opportunities are valuable for New Zealand voters to make informed decisions and participate in the democratic process effectively. Remember to exercise your right to vote, as it plays a crucial role in shaping the country’s future.

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