Peg and Tom Makinson

29th Sept 1937 – 6th Oct 2023 & 9th April 1933 – 5th Oct 2023

At this difficult time, we send condolences and aroha to their whānau and close friends.

Peg Makinson was a wonderful advocate of the Deaf community in Dunedin and Otago. She cared deeply about Deaf children and the Deaf community, and she was actively involved in different organisations that helped Deaf tamariki.

The joint funeral service:

Wednesday, 11th October 2023

Gillions Funeral Services,
407 Hillside Road,
South Dunedin,

Peg Makinson was a hearing woman known for her dedicated advocacy for the Deaf community in Dunedin and Otago. Her involvement began in the 1960s when her son Geoff was diagnosed Deaf. She joined the Wellington Association for Deaf Children and volunteered at the Deaf unit in Wellington when Geoff started school.

In the 1970s, Peg and her family moved to Dunedin, where she continued her advocacy work by joining the Otago Association for Deaf Children and supporting the Deaf unit in Dunedin. She served on the committee for many years, organised family camps, and played a significant role in setting up Deaf Kids New Zealand and advocating for government support for Deaf children and sign language.

During the 1980s, Peg was involved with both Otago Deaf Children and Otago Deaf Society, partnering with them to acquire meeting rooms on George Street and later on Manor Place.

In the 1990s, she helped establish Otago Deaf Support Services and was honoured as a life member of both Otago Deaf Children and Otago Deaf Society. Peg continued her active involvement and support for various Deaf organisations in Dunedin and Otago until fairly recently.

Peg’s commitment to the Deaf community is deeply respected and appreciated, along with the support of her family in her advocacy efforts. She left a lasting legacy as a devoted supporter and advocate for Deaf individuals and their rights.

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