Executive Board congratulates Victoria Manning on her election to second term, and Victoria shares her experience and plans


Joanne: What are your plans for the next 4 years?

Victoria: I have been on the Board for the past four years and I have learned so much about how WFD works and there is still so much more work to do.

I have worked with a focus on the Deaf world as a whole. But for the next four years, my focus will be on Deaf women and Deaf in the Pacific region.

I will continue to work with Deaf Aotearoa and continue the work we have been trying to doing – I want to really strengthen the work being done and see Australia, NZ and the Pacific working together more. As well as a focus on Deaf Pasifika women as there is a real disparity there. I want to work together with Deaf Aotearoa on this.

Joanne: If we all work together we can achieve things! And now through the voting process there were 13 nominations and you were selected!

Victoria: I feel very privileged to have been elected and I want to use that to benefit the community.

Joanne: Well congratulations – we are really proud of you!

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