Press Release: Deaf Aotearoa Congratulates Victoria Manning MNZM On Her Re-Election To The World Federation Of The Deaf Board

Deaf Aotearoa, the leading organisation representing the deaf community in New Zealand, extends congratulations to Victoria Manning MNZM on her successful re-election to the prestigious World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) Board for a second term. Victoria’s commitment to advancing the rights and interests of deaf individuals worldwide has been recognised through this remarkable achievement.

Victoria Manning, a prominent advocate and dedicated leader within the deaf community, has served on the WFD Board for the past four years. Her invaluable experience and insights have contributed significantly to the organisation’s endeavours during her initial term. Victoria has big aspirations for the next four years, with a renewed focus on specific areas that require attention within the deaf community.

“I have learned so much about how WFD works during my time on the Board, and there is still so much more work to do,” remarked Victoria. Her vision for the upcoming term involves directing efforts toward empowering deaf women and fostering growth within the deaf community in the Pacific region.

Victoria intends to continue her collaboration with Deaf Aotearoa, reinforcing the ongoing initiatives while striving to strengthen cooperation between Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific nations. By leveraging regional partnerships, she seeks to amplify the impact of collective efforts aimed at uplifting the deaf community across the Pacific.

Victoria Manning with Joanne Klaver and Craig Findsen standing in front of the newly approved International Sign flag.
Victoria Manning with Joanne Klaver and Craig Findsen standing in front of the newly approved International Sign flag.

Victoria expressed a particular concern regarding the disparity faced by deaf Pasifika women, emphasising the urgency to address this issue promptly. Through her position on the WFD Board, she aspires to drive inclusive policies and initiatives that foster greater opportunities and representation for deaf Pasifika women, ultimately fostering a more equitable and inclusive environment for all.

Commenting on her election, Victoria says, “I feel very privileged to have been elected and I want to use that to benefit the community.” Her determination and dedication to the deaf community are evident as she embarks on her second term with a resolute commitment to positive change and progress.

Lachlan Keating, chief executive of Deaf Aotearoa, praised Victoria’s accomplishments, saying, ” We are really proud of Victoria and look forward to continuing our relationship to enhance the lives of deaf people around New Zealand and globally. Victoria’s re-election means the Deaf community in Aotearoa continues to be represented on the global stage, which is something all New Zealanders should be proud of.”

Deaf Aotearoa urges Kiwis to stand together in celebrating Victoria Manning’s re-election to the World Federation of the Deaf Board. Her continued presence on the international stage signifies a significant opportunity to bring about positive transformation and progress for deaf individuals worldwide.

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