Looking for two Deaf NZSL users in Wellington

NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority) are currently developing external NCEA assessments for NZSL.

Part of the assessments will require candidates to watch a signed video of a conversation between two people, so they are looking to get in touch with two Deaf NZSL users based in Wellington to sign from two short scripts (total approx 4 minutes). People also present will be some NZQA staff, an NZSL interpreter, and two NZSL teachers who can advise of pacing and accuracy for re-takes etc. The audience is 15–16-year-olds, so young(ish) people would be preferred. Of course, the signers would get paid and NZQA would sort out the contract with them.

Looking for:

  • Two Deaf NZSL users
  • Audience 15-16 year olds
  • Saturday 24th June in Wellington
  • Two 2-minute scripts
  • We will set aside 2 hours for recording
  • Details of all content and personnel involved are confidential

Contact us at Deaf Aotearoa (duty@deaf.org.nz) if you are interested, and we will share your details with NZQA.

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