Update about ACE Workshop requirements

ACE Attendance Register

If you want to attend an ACE workshop you will need to contact your local Facilitator by email or text to give your name and they will put down your name on the Attendance Register form.

On the day of the workshop – your facilitator will ask you to sign the form and ask if you would like to have your photo taken during the workshop.

Enrolment Form

Every year you will need to enrol.

You can either ask your local Facilitator for the form to fill in OR go to the website to fill in the online form.

ACE Learner Verification Documents

Deaf Aotearoa must follow the TEC criteria. This means for you to register, you must provide a form of ID, eg:-

  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • NZ Citizens Certificate

This form will need to be signed by the Facilitator and yourself to prove that the ID has been provided.

If you have any question about the ACE forms, please contact your local Facilitator or Victoria Green.

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