iSign Graduate Program: May 2023

Hi Everyone! It’s us, the Graduate Interpreter Program here again.

Thanks so much for coming to our recent ice cream evet at Deaf Club, it was a great turnout.

Coming up next week soon is New Zealand Sign Language Week (HANDWAVES)

We’ll be celebrating NZSL Week by visiting a few places and providing some help.


4th May Deaf Wellbeing Society

12th May Deaf Deaf World

24th May Senior Citizens Club

For all of these events, we are happy to translate anything you need. If you have a form or letters with English you can’t understand, we can read them and sign it for you. Or if you have a missed phone call, we can translate voice messages for you. Please come along and see us again. Do you want to know who the interpreters are, but haven’t met them yet?

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