For the Love

For the Love is a beautiful short film starring Deaf community members Michelle and Rob Sinclair. The film is a co-production between 3 independent filmmakers:

  • Director / DP Rob Romero
  • Director / DP James Roberts
  • Producer Nadia Insolia

Early in the production planning, the filmmakers contacted us at Deaf Aotearoa – and we are able to work with them to provide some cultural advice and guidance. We also helped find the ‘Deaf stars’!

The team of creatives have produced a beautiful story that shows the importance of NZSL, connection and family. It ties in perfectly with the theme for NZSL Week 2023 – Together we can make NZSL thrive’.

You can also enjoy a behind the scenes look at what went into the creation of this commercial.

6 thoughts on “For the Love”

  1. I applaud the intention of the movie to prioritise and celebrate the language of the deaf community.
    Unfortunately the dyslexic community is excluded from accessing this movie’s dialogue. I’d love someone to create a device that reads ( translates) subtitles for those can’t read.

  2. TV1 did an item on it this evening without telling us its name. Now I want to find out when and where I can see it.


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